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Wacky Breakfast Burrito

Wacky Breakfast Burrito!

2 eggs

3 slices of bacon

Sliced peppers and onions (you should be able to buy these pre-sliced at most grocery stores)

Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

1 Large Tortilla



-Cook bacon on a large pan. Once done, remove 95% of bacon, leaving just enough to grease the pan for the eggs.

-Place two eggs in a bowl and whisk until fully mixed (you can add milk if you want, but I prefer to do without). 

-Add eggs, cook until they start bubbling.

-While the eggs are cooking, wrap your large tortilla in tin foil and place in the oven at 350. This will make the tortilla stretchy, and easier to fold without breaking.

 -Add chopped bacon, peppers and onions (I like to chop just because it's easier to eat) 

-Once the eggs, bacon and veggies are fully cooked, remove your tortilla and place it on your plate. 


-Add cheese to the bottom of your tortilla, add the eggs, veggies and bacon, and then more cheese on top (**this layer of cheese is key. Once melted, it will serve as a cohesive glue that will hold the whole burrito together)

-Carefully fold your burrito, and place seam down (the heat will prevent breakage). Heat until lightly browned, then carefully flip.

-Cut burrito in half and enjoy!