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Wacky BBQ Smoked Ribs


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Wacky BBQ Smoked Ribs

This one is a bit more advanced, since you will need a BBQ smoker. As far as wood chips, I prefer hickory but also like apple for ribs! We’re going to utilize the 3-2-1 method which means 3 hours on the smoker with no foil, 2 hours wrapped in foil and additional marinade, and then 1 final hour solidify a nice bark on the outside of the ribs. 


2 racks of St. Louis style ribs (if you get a regular cut, you’ll have to trim yourself)

2 sticks of butter

1 cup of brown sugar




Marinade (should be done the night before): Fully cover ribs in yellow mustard. Once fully covered, add rib seasoning of your choice (I use this recipe)

Heat your smoker to 250 degrees

Add ribs to smoker for 3 hours. Spray with apple cider/apple juice solution once every 30 minutes.

At three hours, remove ribs from smoker to begin prep for wrapping.


Place rack of ribs on a large piece of tin foil, meat side down .

Add ¼ stick of butter (chopped), ¼ cup of brown sugar, and AS MUCH WACKY SAUCE AS YOU LIKE, to the top of each rack. 

Double wrap in tin foil.

Add wrapped ribs to smoker and cook at 250 degrees for another 2 hours.

After two hours, remove from foil and place ribs back on smoker meat side up.

Smoke for one more hour or until ribs reach an internal temperature of 195 degrees. 


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